Our Mission

CVision Consulting is building a platform that will empower our customers to turn their ecological video and imagery into insightful information.

Our Services

Processing Pipelines, and Automatic Analysis Technologies

Video/Image Storage Technologies

Hardware Designs

(camera, video, stereoscopic)

What We Do

The data that our customers collect is filled with value, but as video and imaging technologies become cheaper and easier to deploy the overwhelming volume of data collected can make that value difficult to extract. CVision Consulting applies advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies, including Deep Learning, to help our customers efficiently extract the information they need to accomplish their goals. Our ecological video and imagery models are changing the way that wildlife is studied, benefiting research and commercial entities alike.

Business Model

At CVision Consulting, we believe in the power of the open source software community. We follow a “dual license” model, where our software is available at no cost to non-profit organizations under an open source license but is also available to commercial entities for a fee to integrate into their offerings. Our software development is driven by our customers’ needs, and we offer discounted software development services to non-profit organizations.

Our algorithms are built upon data provided by our customers. Each customer is unique, with unique data needs and sensitivities, and we ensure that data is never shared between customers unless explicit permission is given.


Nvidia Inception

Upcoming Events

    147th Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society @ TAMPA CONVENTION CENTER
    Aug 20 – Aug 24 all-day

    Ben Woodward will be presenting these 2 presentations:

    Abstract 1: Using Advanced Technology to Enhance the Resolution of Fisheries Independent Trawl Surveys



    Abstract 2: Accelerating the Development of Automated Fish Identification for EM Systems: An Example from New England Groundfish



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